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    Dear Kriesis,
    I need to sort blog posts by multiple categories with AND. In some cases this filter works properly but in others it failes. E.g. post with selected categories exist but they are not displayed in the the frontend list.
    What may be the cause of this?
    Sorting by multiple post tags with AND works without any problems.

    Please the attached link and PDF.
    Best regards


    Hey Anne,

    Please create temporary admin logins and post them here privately so we can look into it.



    Hey Yigit,
    please see private data.
    Best Regards


    Thanks for your patience and the link to your site, I couldn’t see a cause for this issue on your site and couldn’t reproduce it on my site with my own test posts, so I export your posts to my test site and copied your test page to my site and all of the elements show posts.
    I have linked to my test page below.
    So I don’t know if your issue is due to a plugin or a customization, try switching to your parent theme and disable all of your plugins and see if the posts then show.

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,
    I’ll try this and hope to solve the issue this way. You can close this topic.
    Best regards

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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