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    First of all, great theme. The thing I like most is that although it has a visual editor this is still very fast. I really like that.

    At any rate, here is my question. When I am editing a blog post and I switch from “standard” editing mode to “Advanced Layout Editor”, the whole featured image + tiltle plus the subtitle area (date, author and category) disappears.
    Looking at the html code, the disappearing parts are:

    <div class=”big-preview single-big”>…</div>
    <header class=”entry-content-header”>…</header>

    Is this normal / wanted behaviour?

    On the other hand, I would like to reproduce a blog post style as following:
    Is this customised with the advanced layer editor? If yes, how did you achieve to show the only right categories (the ones the post belongs to – please see below the title to understand what I am referring to)?



    Hey Max,

    When you build blogs posts via Advanced Layout Builder you need to add every element of the post manually all the time, you kind of get the clean slate and build everything you need on it. If that does not work for you and you want the things that are automatic when you make posts via default editor, you can still use the Advanced Layout Builder elements by using shortcodes.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,


    Can you please explain where we find the shortcodes to build a blog post from scratch in the advanced editor? This seems like a lot of work compared to the default editor, but the default approach is far from ideal in terms of layout. A more detailed explaination would be appreciated so we can determine the best approach for a non-technical blog manager.





    We do not have such option right now at least.
    You can always use a plugin that generates shortcodes based on a post, and use those into Advanced Layout Builder, so you can generate the post as per the design you want

    Best regards,

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