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    I’m using the dummy data for now and have decided I want to use the blog grid layout as my blog page. So I edit that page and change the sidebar setting to be “Sidebar Blog” but I am still seeing widgets from the Sidebar Page.

    I have set different widgets in the Sidebar Blog but they are not showing on the Blog Grid page, only widgets from the Sidebar Page. I have not set a blog page in either Enfold theme settings or in WordPress settings.



    It is because, the “Blog Grid” page is being treated as a normal page. You need to set the Blog page on Enfold > Theme Options > Blog.




    Thanks for the reply, I set that and then the “blog grid” page loses it’s grid layout and reverts a list of blog posts.


    I can replicate this too on a clean install of Enfold, no child themes, only the dummy content. If you set the Blog Page to “Blog Grid” in the Enfold options, then the grid page renders some other template that blocks the grid layout.


    I realise I also need to set the grid template in Enfold theme options.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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