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    I know I’ve been around this support forum A LOT lately, it’s just that I’m finishing the site by myself and I really want to give the visitors the best experience I could deliver.

    This takes us to the blog page:

    My idea is a continuous stream of posts (possibly with Jetpack infinite scroll), so I would like to know if it’s possible that:

    a. There were no link to individual posts page. (As I display the whole content of each post in the blog page, I wouldn’t like the reader to open the individual posts pages, so it would break the flow I want to deliver).

    b. The comments to appear in the blog page (remember, all the posts content is wide open, nothing hidden, so why would the comments?)

    c. I would also like to let the visitors to comment using facebook (I believe I saw a plugin for that), so it would be REALLY NICE if the posts had their comments below the content, right in the blog page (remember, there should not be any individual posts pages…)

    Can I do that?


    By the way, your support is great! It should be charged a fee! :)


    Hey newtonlinchen!

    We can help you out with A but B + C is going to be more difficult so you’ll want to hire a freelancer to help you out with that.

    Send us a link to your page so we can see what type of layout your using and we’ll give you instructions on removing the links.



    Hey newtonlinchen!

    a) which link to individual post page do you mean? please provide us a link and a screenshot showing what you mean

    b) What do you mean? “Why would the comments?”. Why would the comments what? you can activate comments in the Screen Options of WordPress.

    c) There a plenty of Facebook comments plugins. On Google’s first page I found this Feel free to experiment with them.



    Andy: check out
    It’s the blog page. The links I mention are when you click the post title and it “goes to” the post. But nobody should be going to the post, as the whole content is displayed already, and I want no navigation from the blog page to the individual post page.

    The idea is the blog page to display everything: content, comments, social media links, as a stream of content, without the visitor “going to” individual posts pages.

    b. I meant: why would de comments be hidden (inside the post page), instead of visible in the blog page. (The post content is wide open, so I expected that the comments would be visible in the blog page).




    If you want to disable the link of the post title, use this on the Quick CSS field: a {
    pointer-events: none !important;

    I’m sorry but what you’re after requires custom modifications that are beyond the scope of support. Please hire a freelance developer.or visit Envato Studio and Werkpress for further modifications.

    Best regards,

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