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    I posted this about 3 weeks ago and got tied up and couldn’t respond quick enough. I DID de-activate all of the plugins to no avail, and STILL cannot get the blog-types to update by category. Below is the original post of which Ismael answered recommending to de-activate all plugins….

    On the Enfold Theme, the “main” issue is that when I drop a Blog Posts Content Element into a Layout Element and then go to adjust the settings of said Blog Post, none of the settings are being applied (ie. When updating it to use a specific category, it always resets to the default “Uncategorized,” or won’t update when I change the Blog Style (even after updating the full page). Any help would be appreciated. I DID recently update to the latest version.

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    Hi Aaron!

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    I created a page and insert the Blog Post element. I selected the WOD category because it is the only one available aside from uncategorized. I leave the other options as it is then publish the page. It works fine. I also updated the Blog Post element again and selected the Grid Layout style. The WOD category is still selected as you can see on this page.



    Thanks for doing that! The issue is, however, apparently once I have selected a Blog Category, it won’t allow me to change it again? For instance: on the page no matter what category I select, ALL of the categories show (ie, uncategorized AND WOD).



    And the same thing with the Welcome (Home) Page. I created the Blog entry and saved it with no parameters, and now when I try to go back in and change things, NOTHING happens re: the blogs!?!



    You have that page set as your main blog page in the theme options. This means the page doesn’t actually show anything you add to it and instead it outputs all blog posts regardless of category. I also had to do change your WordPress>Reading settings from static pages to “Your latest Posts” to get wordpress from loading in your blog to that page as well.

    I’ve changed the option to have no page selected and also changed the blog element on that page to uncategorized which now only shows the single post.

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    Thanks Devin! Apparently that was all the issue and all is well now!! Thanks so much!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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