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    I’m trying to change the blog layout for DISPLAY theme, I want the actual blog / posts width bigger.

    I made the side bar smaller, But cant seem to be able to move the position and change the width of the actual blog.

    please help.


    You need to change following code in style.css:

    overflow: hidden;

    Change the value of width to your requirements…


    hey, thanx for the help, but now, the content is bigger, but for some reason it drops the side menu to the bottom,

    What else must i change?


    Can I’ve a link to your page. I need to have a look at the css, etc.


    Even if i make the 610px slightly bigger the side widget area drops to the bottom.


    its cool, figured it out, thanx.


    Glad that everything works now.


    How did you fix the issue with the widget area dropping down, after adjusting the width?

    I dont have any widgets just interested in a plain view only showing the blog


    I assume he changed the padding of the main column.


    Dude, how do you do that? When i change the width like described above, i can see the right side widget bar dropping under the blog post..

    Thanks in advance


    Can you post a link to your website please.


    Is it possible to find my post’, cause i tent to forget where i’ve replied lol

    anyways my site is, backup

    go to about page and you can see a blue shadow under the text, thats the widget area after i changed the width of the blog area



    you need to change the width values of .sidebar and .content

    At the moment you’ve set .content width to 900px – decrease this value to i.e. 800px and set .sidebar to i.e. 140px.


    Hey Dude

    Where do i have to change this?

    “At the moment you’ve set .content width to 900px – decrease this value to i.e. 800px and set .sidebar to i.e. 140px.”



    you need to adjust two values in style.css:

    position: relative;
    padding:0 45px 0 0;


    position: relative;
    padding:20px 0 40px 25px;

    Adjust the width values so that you’ve a width of 940px in total (sidebar + content).

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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