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    hi, i don’t seem to get the blog layout the way i want it! i want in to be without header/breadcrums, big post image, not full text. sidebar on the right (this part is working though).

    i have created a new page, chosen the file under theme options for blog and added the file under main meny. adjusted the page with no header and added the right sidebar, changed the blog layout in avia to import blog and adjusted it to be shown as excerpt with 3 post and pagination. still the settings are not read and instead i get a blog with header, full post and facebook buttons inactive.

    if i don’t select the file for blog in options all settings work, but once selected it doesn’t. is there somewhere else i need to set adjustments?!

    pls help?


    Hi madebynoemi,

    When you use the theme settings to point to the “blog” it overwrites anything and all settings on that specific page. So if you want to customize it, just do your customization and add the blog page to your menu but don’t use the theme options for it.




    hi devin, thank you for the answer! however is there anyway that i can remove the header that appears when opening the posts? they collide with header when smaller browser window is shown.





    Yes, you can remove them. You can add this on your custom.cs or Quick CSS

    .single .stretch_full.container_wrap.alternate_color.light_bg_color.title_container {
    display: none;




    great! thank you very much ismael!!



    Glad it worked. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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