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    Hello. Why does every blog post place the image to the left of the article instead of placing a featured image to the right, above the article? Thanks.



    It’s the latest design style. All the big houses are just going crazy about it.

    Nah, Its up to you in Enfold where to place the image. You can put it above, below, right or left of your article. Just use the advanced layout editor ( ) here is a video I made about how to add layout editor functionality to your posts. Just instead of the custom post type, add post where it shows to edit in the video.

    Then in your blog posts, don’t use the featured image instead use a simple slider, just add 1 slide to it, and it will automatically become the featured image. Then you can position the simple slider and the blog post however you want using the columns.




    Hi Nick –
    I’ve tried doing the steps in your video for adding the Advanced Layout Editor to custom post types. It doesn’t seem to work. I’ve created a duplicate of meta.php with identical folder structure in my working child theme folder.

    I’ve changes the two code sections to match the slug for the CPT I’m trying to use ALE with. Neither the ALE button or the theme options appear in the edit window for my CTP.

    I’m using Enfold 1.9.1 & WP-Types plugin to create CTPs



    Did you check Screen Options? See if the Avia Layout Editor is checked.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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