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    Under Enfold general settings, I have set my blog up for grid format. Without doing anything more, this shows my blog as a grid of 3 columns and 10 posts on page with a title and excerpt.

    I then went on the blog page, inserted a “blog posts” content element and changed my settings to show 12 posts per page and only title + read more link. But the blog page ignores these setting and continues to show 10 posts with title and excerpt. When I look at it in preview, it shows the correct settings, but the published page shows it incorrect.

    This happened on enfold 1.7 and continues on 1.8.


    I played around with this problem some more. The blog page will ignore any and all settings from the “blog post” content element, but if I clone the blog page and publish it, I have no problem – all changes are reflected. The problem is only affecting the page called “Blog” on the main menu.


    Please don’t mix both things up. If you select a page as “blog” page (Enfold > general settings) this page will use a special blog template and it will ignore all “layout elements”, etc.

    The blog template will always use a grid of 3 columns and it will show the numbers of entries you selected on the “Settings > Reading page” (“Blog pages show at most”).

    If you want to display a customized blog (different number of columns, entries per page, etc.) deselect the “Blog” page (Enfold > general settings) and then this blog page will show your “Layout elements”.


    Thanks, Dude!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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