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    Hi guys, loving the theme,

    having an issue with the blog page, keeps saying Error 404 – page not found

    I created the page, and in Theme options labelled that page as the location of the blog. Not sure what is happening, please help!

    http://wond.wpengine.com/(hosted on WPengine) />



    Please try to flush the rewrite rules. Go to Settings > Permalinks and hit the “Save” button. Then try to open the blog page in your browser.




    Hey Peter, tried it, no joy,

    still doesn’t work??

    Could it have anything to do with site migration? I migrated the database to this URL to develop the new site


    Hi wonddigital,

    If you set your permalinks to default does it work then? How did you migrate? If you didn’t use a tool like WP MIGRATE DB did you do a find and replace on the old url?




    Hi Devin,

    When I set permalinks to default IT WORKS!

    Problem: I need to keep the permalinks structure to /sample-post/ for SEO reasons??

    I migrated to wpengine using their guide, http://support.wpengine.com/migration-process/(hosted on WPengine) />


    It seems like the permalink rewrite doesn’t work at all on your server. Other pages like: http://wond.wpengine.com/contact/ or http://wond.wpengine.com/cookie-information/ (hosted on WPengine) also return a 404 error. If the “permalink flush” doesn’t help try to install this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/rewrite-rules-inspector/ and check if all rewrite rules are saved properly. If not click the”Flush rules” button on the right side. If this still doesn’t help please contact the hoster – maybe they need to change the htaccess file or the server configuration for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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