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    The directory of the blog http://www.xyz.zz/blog/ leads to an endless redirect, but the single blog posts are reachabel via url.


    Hey Knallfrosch3,

    Did you try deactivating all plugins to see if there is a conflict coming from any of them? Did you try resetting your permalinks under Settings->Permalinks?

    If that doesn’t help then please post admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look.

    Best regards,


    Hey Rikard,

    now I tryed to deactivate all plugins, but this does not work.

    I regenarted .htaccess via permalink, which did not work either. I added later some redirects and caching entries to .htaccess, but the problem is there before these entries are inserted.

    Thanks a lot.



    Thanks for the feedback. What happens if you delete that page and remove it from trash, then create a new one?

    Best regards,


    Which page do you mean? Blog page as such does not exist, it is generated.


    I have done this, renamed the old blog entry, created a new one with name “blog” but that did not help.

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    What is the next step we can do to find the error? Kind regards.



    I fixed it. I set the permalink structure (Einstellungen > Permalinks) to /%category%/%postname% – just using %postname% is too risky because a post slug/title may conflict with a page or portfolio slug/title.

    Best regards,



    unfortunately it still does not work…

    Kind regards


    The posts did work before…. the /blog directory did not…


    Now neither the blog directory nor the blog post do work :-(


    I reverted your change that at least the blog-post do work… The directory still does not.



    Strange because it worked when I tested it…

    It seems like something “hijacks” the “blog” slug. If I rename the blog slug to i.e. “myblog” it works, also if I set the permalink structure to “Numerisch”.

    Normally this only happens if another entry (post, page, media gallery item, portfolio item, tag, category, etc.) also uses the same slug. However I couldn’t find one on your website.

    Do you set redirect rules in the htaccess file which might conflict with the wordpress rewrite rules?

    Best regards,


    We now renamed the blog and it works. For us this is ok and solved now. Thanks!



    Still a strange issue but glad we found a solution :)

    Best regards,

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