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    I posted on this about a month ago with the same problem and have never had it resolved. When toggling the blog view to grid it refuses to show any content. The other views work fine, just grid view does not seem to work no matter what I do. I have tried reinstalling the theme and updating it to its latest version like suggested, yet nothing seems to work.

    Any help is appreciated.




    Hello digitaltalentagents!

    Can you please post a link to your website and your blog page? Do you have any plugins installed that may interfere with the theme? Please disable them first.




    No plugins are activated and it still is not working. If you could please take a look here: http://build.influenceandco.com/wordpress/index.php/blog-3

    It could be greatly appreciated.





    The first thing to do is to update your theme files. You can follow this guide to bring you up to Enfold 2.3.2:

    Best regards,


    I have updated the theme and still am not having luck getting the grid view to show up on the blog.



    Please try/make sure following and let us know if any of following works;
    1) that you set your Blog page to display posts in Enfold theme options http://i.imgur.com/tBkmeEj.jpg
    2) If that does not work, do not set any in theme options and please try to set it in Settings > Reading > Post Page http://i.imgur.com/I77KsOi.jpg

    Best regards,


    None of those solutions seemed to work either. The grid view still isn’t showing up on the blog page.



    Please create an admin account and post the login credentials as private reply. We’ll look into it.

    Best regards,

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    I’m not sure why the Grid Layout is not working. Can you please upgrade to Enfold 2.4? It is available on your themeforest account. Download it then update the theme via FTP.



    I don’t think updating the theme will solve the solution since we have done that twice already and it has not been successful. Do you think that it could possibly be a problem with the server that we are building the site on? I don’t know exactly why that would be the problem, but I think that is the only possibility? All the theme files are correct and I have all the settings correct as well.

    All that leaves is a server problem. Is the theme incompatible on certain server types?




    Enfold version 2.4+ added a feature to choose single blog page and blog seperately in theme options page. Please try Enfold 2.4+ and let us know if issue remains

    Best regards,


    Hi Guys,

    I’m having the same problem. The Blog Grid was working prior to last update.

    Today, I had to rename BLOG Enfold theme pages several times to “BLOG”, as well as test a few other theme page samples by renaming pages to BLOG-2, BLOG-3, etc. (I was trying to get back to the original grid style theme.) Also, changed permalink addy hoping for a manual fix of the posts. Top top it off, it was fixed after I changed when I clicked on website’s BLOG link — meaning the grid and 2 posts were there. Then, without other changes, it returned back to a different Blog theme version (currently blog-2). Like it redirects or something. Working on it as I type this.

    Deleted Enfold dummy data file, manually deleted posted comments dummy data, corrected DB Blog database info, (edit) also updated WP Database required at log-in today.

    Also, on the BLOG (Enfold themed) page, the top header with social media icons is not showing. I noticed the ENFOLD Layout didn’t provide option for header like it does for footer.

    Please advise.


    Fixed by updating menu and verified recommendation links above.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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