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    I am displaying the Post Meta Data on each blog post. My blog posts are stored in a custom post type. When I change the author of a post, the change is not showing on the front end of that post. It seems as if all posts are being contributed to a single author.


    Hey Celeranttechnologycorp,
    Thanks for your patience and the link to your site, it looks like your blog page has beed created with a plugin or custom shortcode because it is shown in a code block element, I don’t see any reference to authors on this page. On your post I see that it has been created with the Advanced Layout Builder and the Post Metadata element, as you are using a Custom Post Type did you choose the post in the element options, or was the CPT not available in the options?

    Best regards,


    I created a short video to show you what is happening.

    Post Metadata element is pulling from the current post.
    If I change the author manually (on the bottom of a post), I can see the new author in WordPress backend designer but not the front end.
    If I can change the author using a bulk edit on many (or all) posts, I see the new author on the frontend. That means all posts will have the same author. That’s the issue.,


    Thanks for the video, when I test on my site I don’t have any issue with changing the author for the post as you are in your video, but I’m not using a plugin to create a CPT.
    Try checking if you cange the author in the “quick edit” author field if the correct author then shows:
    If this doesn’t help, try checking with a standard post type, perhaps it is the way that the plugin creates the CPT?

    Best regards,


    The issue is using a custom post type. My solution was to create my own PHP short code that pulls the author, and display that on the page. You can close this ticket.



    Great! Glad to know that you managed to come up with a custom solution. Please feel free to open another thread if you have more questions about the theme.

    Have a nice day.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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