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    I have recently been asked to convert a simple html site to wordpress and cannot create a simple link to a downloadable .exe file stored on the same server. The site is and the .exe file resides at:

    WordPress is being very clever and suggesting the page/post does not exist and directs me to the default 404 page of the theme. How do I get around this please, or am I just being stupid!@

    Many thanks in advance


    Hey paulseager!

    Are you sure that file exists?



    All sorted…. I was being stupid. Now I have a corrected path to the file it does work – although the client has asked me to link the header logo to the same .exe file. Can this be done please?

    The link is:



    Sure, open header.php, go to line 153:
    echo avia_logo(AVIA_BASE_URL.'images/layout/logo.png', false, 'strong');

    Replace it by this:
    echo "<a href=''><img src='YOUR_LOGO_PATH'></a>";

    Best regards,


    Sorry to bother you again…
    This does not seem to work – it displays a missing image icon and knocks the menu down out of the header div.
    I replaced ‘YOUR_LOGO-PATH’ with ‘images/layout/logo.png’ thinking that might draw in the image – but it still displays missing image icon?

    The client is not that bothered in having it working – so happy to leave it there. Thanks for your reply though.



    You need to use the full path:

    Best regards,


    Ahhh. now that works – but my menu is still falling into the main content of the page?


    Oh, i forgot you must add the .class logo the hyperlink:

    echo "<a href='' class='logo'><img src=''></a>";



    Top bloke…. many thanks. One happy client. You are a star!


    Glad we could help, let us know if you have any more questions or issues :)


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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