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    I used icon list two weeks ago and created an icon list with title and text above.

    Now I want to change that text but it’s impossible because the text edit option is no longer available. It has disappeared.

    That is really annoying. I could send you a picture but there doesn’t seem to be that option on the forum

    I seem to only be able to send media but no longer write text and as a consequence, can’t change mine.

    I really need a fix for that. I work locally and can’t send you a link.

    Kind regards



    The option have reappeared…I don’t know what happened ..BUT.. when I want to put only a title but no content in the icon list, the title is cut. You can only see half of it. I read a post about this and the support guy said to put   I tried to put it in my CSS custom style but it changes my font police and the text still appears cut at the end of the title.

    Can anyone help me fix this?

    Kind regards.



    I think this is the same inquiry as this one. Please don’t create duplicate post.

    Can you give us a screenshot? You can use this site to send an image.





    I’m sorry Ismael, I didn’t mean to create two posts. Where I live there are lots of internet cut and my first message didn’t seem to be sent…

    I’ll try the bug fix.

    I have another issue with the avia layout builder. When I use it on localhost, if I put an icon box with the title that have an accent it’s fine, but when I work online the letter with the accent appears as a question mark.

    On the site the word appears as it should, it’s only in the builder.

    Can it be fixed?

    Kind regards,



    What do you mean by accent? Try to increase your php memory output. Refer to this link.

    Again, switch your Avia Builder to debug mode to see the actual shortcode.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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