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    Hi Support

    from last few days i am using hit and trail method to achieve maximum possible score in google pagespeed insights tool but ends up 68 / 100 in mobile and 89 / 100 on desktop

    cant figure that out how to get away these issues
    On mobile
    Prioritize visible content
    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    Minify CSS

    On desktop
    Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    Minify CSS

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    Hey naqashsattar,

    Please refer to this thread:

    Best regards,


    this will soved your eliminate render blocing issue in desktop
    in mobile its more tricky but you will see improvment then now
    it has preset of enfold you just choose it from drop down and your done

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    Hi, i need help
    Few minuts ago i updated my theme to 4.4.x, change to file merging and compression (CSS and Javascript), selected the option load elements that are used, checked Load jQuery in your footer and Load google fonts in footer and also checked the option Delete old CSS and JS files, but 1 can’t speed up my results on PageSpeed Insights. My url is below.



    I checked your website with gtmetrix: and your website is already well optimized. You can install a plugin like to merge all javascripts (and to remove the query strings from the resources). The other issues are caused by external scripts (google, etc.).

    Best regards,


    Hi Dude, could you help me to fix this 2 itens:
    – Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
    – Prioritize visible content

    PS.: Already used the, but didn’t change my actual result.

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    Caution: Real satire

    And now I really believed that I would write my website for the visitors of the page. Now I have to realize that I only did it for Google. I had actually assumed that not overloaded texts with interesting contents and appealing and informative graphics would entice the reader to read on. Of course, you have to give him information quickly.

    Some people should consider whether they really need all functions of a plugin or whether they want to evaluate a statistics tool at all. I have some customers who install e.g. Google Analytics and don’t perform any analyses themselves. Only Google receives important information about your page and about the visitors of your page. Do I really have to help a company worth billions to collect data about my potential customers?

    YSlow is always worse because it wants to know if CDN systems are installed. Your website loads quite quickly with a little more than 2sec (average is 6.8sec).
    Yes, it is not unimportant to have a fast loading page. I don’t want to be the servant of performance values whose algorithms are set by companies that don’t have your well-being in mind but their own.


    I agree with you, some clients ask us the perfect results, why? :)



    Personally I fully agree with Guenni – Pagespeed is just a tool which gives you hints but chasing a certain grade is a waste of time (see ). That said you can try to remove the wordpress emoji script (Enfold > Performance settings) because it’s loaded in the head section and considered as “above-the-fold content”. The jquery script is also not loaded in the footer section but the reason could be one or more plugins require it in the head area. One script ( ) is included in the website source code but doesn’t even exist (gives me a 404 error). You can remove the reference to this script.

    The other “errors” can’t be fixed easily. You would need to “extract” the critical css code from the stylesheets and include it as inline styles. You can use a service like for this task.

    Best regards,


    Hello, fellow Enfolders.
    I have just emerged from a deep rabbit hole chasing Google and GTMetrix page speed, and wanted to share the combination of settings and plugins that helped me get from the 60s on GTMetrix (PageSpeed/YSlow) to 97/91, with 97/99 on PageSpeed Insight mobile/desktop:

    PageSpeed ninja
    Start with just this one and see what you get. PageSpeed ninja was the last one I added to this little set, but it made a huge difference. If it works by itself, great. If not, keep reading.


    • Optimize JavaScript checked
    • Aggregate UNchecked
    • Optimize CSS Code checked
    • Aggregate all linked CSS UNchecked (see a pattern? Yep.)
    • Optimize HTML Code checked
    • Under ‘Misc Options,’ Uncheck Save aggregated script/css as static files

    WP Fastest Cache

    • Cache System: Enable
    • Check every box the free version will let you check in the Settings tab
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    Hi steed,

    Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s much appreciated :-)

    Best regards,

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