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    I searched the forum but couldn’t find any way to edit the language of bbpress in Enfold.

    I have uploaded in ftp (plugins/bbpress/languages/ the .mo and .po files, I went to the themes/enfold/config-bbpress to modify the config.php file. In there I don’t see any reference regarding to BBLANG as mentioned in the tips provided by bbpress. What am I missing?


    I saw this warning on index.php under the plugins/bbpress/languages/ folder

    * Do not put custom translations here. They will be deleted on bbPress updates.
    * Keep custom bbPress translations in /wp-content/languages/bbpress/

    Again, no info regarding which file needs to be changed for the language.



    You can use Codestyling: to translate any plugin. Install the plugin, go to Tools > Localization and select “Plugins”. Then search for “BBpress” in the list and click on “Add new language” or select your language from the list. Click on “Rescan” to scan all text strings. Then click on “Edit” and translate the required strings from the “bbpress” textdomain. At least click the “create mo file” button next to the “Textdomain” selection dropdown (top left corner).

    Best regards,


    Good morning Peter,

    Thank you! I appreciate your response and the tip. I thought my post ended up in the void of forgotten questions, but there you are showing the serious support you provide.

    Just yesterday I found I had to change the wp-config.php file for the local language and experiment with the paths where the .mo file should be placed. After several tries, I finally was able to make it work.

    Your tip on having a plugin do all that through admin panel is a much better way than going through the frustrated road I took. I will surely try it out to translate other plugins.

    Thank you, again!

    Kind regards

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