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    Just purchased the Enfold theme and it looks good so far!

    One question, i selected the header with bottom menu. Is it possible and what do i have to do if i want to display a banner 468*60 in the header in stead of the social icons ?

    Hope you can help me out soon because i need this project started.


    Open up header.php and search for

    if(strpos($headerS,'social_header') !== false && strpos($headerS,'bottom_nav_header') !== false) avia_social_media_icons($social_args);

    Replace this line with

    echo '<img src="" style="float:right;" width="468" height=68" alt="banner alt text" title="banner title" />';

    and instead of insert the src path to your banner image and insert a custom alt/title text.


    Thanks for the help … if anyone else want to use it … please use: style=”float:right;padding-top: 15px;” in stead of style=”float:right;”

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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