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    Hello, we purchased enfold and found out when we changed themes from Replete the short codes and portfolio page don’t work, also the pages that were previously full width now have a sidebar. We switched originally from Choices to Replete and never had this problem, not sure if this is because the avia framework has changed. We would rather not go and redo all of the shortcodes and effort we put into Replete. Is there a way to make Enfold backwards compatible?

    Here are some of the screenshots examples we found when we activated Enfold from Replete

    * Contact page

    * Team page

    * Price Table page

    * FAQ page

    * Portfolio page





    Unfortunately, a lot have changed since Enfold was released. It is a totally different theme compare to Replete theme. You might need to redo the website. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me tag the rest of the support team.




    Hi Nicolas,

    No there is not. Enfold is a completely new framework and system that Kriesi has been working on over the past few months. So while things have the same Kriesi style and feel to them, its all very different behind the scenes.




    Thanks Ismael and Devin,

    I know that Kriesi and all of you work very hard to accommodate all of our inquiries and I really appreciate it. For now we switched back to Replete. My wife will be helping, so we can together see the best way we can transfer everything from Replete to Enfold without our site being down for too long. She will be also joining us soon here on the forum.

    Thanks again for your time




    Hi Nicolas,

    Here is what I would do if it were my site or client:

    Move my main installation of wordpress to a new sub folder on my domain( ) for example.

    Then transfer the current site to that folder so that it runs in its own folder but still on the main domain. See:

    Now that you have wordpress in its own folder, install another wordpress installation into a new folder ( Now you can develop everything in the new folder while keeping your current site live. When you are ready to switch, you just change which folder the domain reads from.

    The initial change may cause some issues if you have images added in that point directly to the file location on the server but at least once you do the whole switch over you will never have to worry about it again because the location will be exact.

    If its not in your ballpark of experience, there are other ways as well but whatever works for you is best :)




    Great tips Devin,

    Thank you, appreciate. We will try.




    Glad we could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.




    Hi Devin,

    So if i create this extra folder where would that be? i added 3 possibilities in the image

    so would it be under:

    1.) example (meaning moving the current site to this folder like a duplicate) and (creating a new site with new template)

    2.) example

    3.) example

    or something else

    And once I create these 2 folders (Replete and Enfold), i can run them simultaneously, but only Replete will show until i finish building Enfold, that way there is 0 downtime on the website. Is this correct?




    It would be number 1. You’re moving the current wordpress installation from your domain’s root and then pointing your site to run from that folder.

    If done correctly, yes there will be zero downtime.


    Thanks Devin,

    I’ve been working on this and wanted to stay in communication as its taking some time so would appreciate if you can keep this topic open while i work on this in case i have some more questions.




    Hey Jasmine,

    If you are having issues with wordpress installations between folders I would recommend looking into a freelance developer. We can assist with specific issues but this is really outside of what we can do via support.

    Typically, the above is just what I do and is really just general advice. Its not the only way and if you aren’t comfortable with going off of the codex you may have an easier time with another method.




    No problem Devin we understand.

    Thanks for your help so far, appreciated and will mark the topic resolved.




    Thank you all for your support.



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