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    Hi, I love Enfold! I have a question that might be outside the scope of your support. I imported the demo Enfold Startup Business Demo. I am using a background video hosted by YouTube at the top of my home page, just like the demo:

    My background video takes about 3 seconds to load, while the demo background video loads in well under 1 second. The videos are the same length and both hosted by YouTube. They also both autoplay in 1080p when I go directly to the watch page on YouTube. Here are their links:

    I think this has something to do with the original video file because your video loads more quickly on the direct YouTube watch page. Can you tell me what I could do to make my video load more quickly?


    Hey icandy-graphics,

    There are plenty of ways to optimise videos for the web, maybe this would help you out?

    Best regards,


    it seems to me that the video loads pretty fast, I am experiencing a similar problem with slow video’s as background headers. icandy-graphics / rikard, how was this achieved? my pages with video on take ages to load.


    Actually, we didn’t change anything on the video! It seems to load faster sometimes and slower others…


    still seems to load a bit faster than the video on my website. could you tell me how you achieved this (perhaps via optimization plugins?) and how you rendered (bitrates, etc) the video? I’m really stuck with improving this

    You are right thought that the Enfold demo video loads much quicker, Rikard did not share the exact settings I believe? Could you do so Rikard ?


    Hi the_digital_manager,

    I’m not sure that the exact settings are for the demo videos, but you will have to compress your videos as much as possible in order for them to load faster. Using Youtube and Vimeo might help as well, instead of using locally loaded videos.

    Best regards,

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