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    I created a content slider on one of my site’s pages. There are 4 paragraphs at the top of the slide (2 rows, 2 columns), and I want a background image in just this section of the slide, so I put a <div id=”…”> tag around that section. There are 2 more paragraphs below this which are not supposed to have a background. I got this layout to work by using custom HTML within the slides. There are 3 other slides which don’t use custom backgrounds either, so I want to have this background image within the slider itself.

    Is there a way to make what I have described above work?

    The site isn’t online yet, but I created an administrator login for you on another topic (you may have changed the password) if you’d like to look at it. The page with the content slider is called Why user experience design? (Idea 2).



    Hey DalandanUX!

    Thank you for using the theme.

    Do you mind providing a link to the actual page with the slider? A screenshot of what you’re trying to achieve will help. A quick question, are you still having issues with pages not going full width even though you set it as full width? Did you add any html tags on any elements? Maybe, you forgot to close the html tags leading to a broken layout.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,

    When you sign in with the temp administrator account that I created for the earlier post, you’ll be able to see the page here: (navigate to slide 3).

    May I email you with the screenshot? I have a screenshot of a prototype, taken offline. I couldn’t find a way to make it work yet on the live site.

    Yes, the color section widths are still a problem. I found a possible solution, which is to remove the first div class=”container” inside div id=”main”. Please see that thread ( for more details and let me know there what we should do.




    You can post screenshots here by adding them to an external image hosting service or just on your server then adding the link to them here.

    For the backgrounds, if we can see a live example without needing to log in or jump through hoops we might be able to help but it isn’t really something covered under normal support.



    Hi Devin,

    I’ve posted the screenshot here:

    There is a workaround in case I need it (dark text, no background image), but I’d like to get the background working if we can. I’m still several work items away from being able to launch the site so that no login is required to see the Enfold Child theme.



    Which slide is your css not working now?


    The third slide on this page:



    Thank you for the update.

    I’m really sorry if we are having a hard time helping you with the issue because it seems like you’re modifying the theme files beyond our recognition. For example, you said that, “I found a possible solution, remove the first div class=”container” inside div id=”main””. Where exactly are you doing this modification? Another thing is, you’re adding divs around section elements like you said on your first post, “so I put a <div id=”…”> tag around that section”. Where is this? We’re really not sure what’s the purpose of this modification and why you have to do it. The best possible way to get you through this problem is to hire a freelance developer to add the features and fix possible issues that may occur. Please visit Envato Studio or Werkpress for further customization. The support team can only provide minor aesthetic changes and regretfully, what you’re trying to do with the theme falls beyond the scope of support.



    Hi Ismael,

    Your first question is about another issue. That reply belongs in the other thread: I answered it in this post: Please make sure to reply to the right thread so that other people can follow the discussions more easily.

    Another thing is, you’re adding divs around section elements like you said on your first post, “so I put a <div id=”…”> tag around that section”. Where is this?

    The divs I am adding are in my actual pages. This div is within slide 3 of the content slider. I’m not making any changes to the theme files other than to style.css (the style.css in the child theme). This is so that I can have a color section-like effect within one of my slides (slide 3) in the content slider.

    If this isn’t something we can fix, I have a workaround.


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