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    Hey Ismael,

    since the topic was closed and this morning I faced the same issue with a new page I just created I repost the content here:

    The page this time is

    the code you told me to insert in the custom CSS field for the homepage was:

    .home #av_section_3 {

    z-index: 0;


    I tried inspecting the part on this newly created page (, yet don’t know which specific code should I insert for this page.

    Can you help?

    (here’s the text of the previous issue, now solved) It’s been a couple of days that a strange behavior occurred to my homepage.

    I used to have a background image placed in the “color section” of the Avia builder, fixed and streched to fit. Suddenly a couple of days ago it stopped showing on Chrome, whereas it is still clearly visible on Firefox, Safari and IE9.

    Not only that, up until today the strange behavior happened only when viewing the page on my Macbook Air, whereas it was still visible on my iMac, so I thought it was something wrong with my laptop. In fact, I decided to uninstall and reinstall Chrome, yet this didn’t solve the problem.

    To my big surprise though, this morning the same thing started happening with Chrome on my iMac, so I can’t understand why, nor how to fix it and if any of you by chance can view it correctly using Chrome with a Mac.

    The url is and if you scroll down the page, you should see a section with 3 Icon boxes (“Any Questions”, “Need Support”, “How About A Chat”) embedded in a background image of an old man laughing…can you see that?

    Again, it works fine on all major browsers except for Chrome on both my iMac and Macbook Air (but it used to be perfect until a few days ago), whereas it works on Chrome on my Sony Vaio!

    Any clue?

    PS: Funniest thing is, if I go to the “About” page, where I placed another such image background, I can view it perfectly on Chrome on both Macs: see , so the problem is only with the homepage, yet it is “the” homepage!


    Yes, I think there is a small problem too. While experimenting with the home page, I’ve also added a Color Section to the very end enabling the “parallax”-effect (fixed bgr). Doesn’t stick only to Mac users… :)

    Image was displayed, but when I scrolled down, the footer began to flicker. At the end of the page the background image was gone (white bgr). Didn’t dive into that, because I won’t use that effect at the end of a page (pretty much useless). :)

    But for now it seems to be gone on my installation. I’m still using 1.4.

    Have a look here (the section won’t be there for long): – maybe you can figure something out by yourself…

    Update: Changed position and some really Chrome-specific things are going on… I’ll try to change scroll-behaviour on Chrome…



    Hi abortolotti,

    Did the code work for your homepage? I hope it did because I tested it on my end and I can see the funny face of grandpa.

    This one is different, when I reload the page I can’t see the Color Section but when I scroll down it suddenly pops out. Let me tag this to Kriesi.

    For the meantime, please use this.

    .page-id-1548 #av_section_1 {
    z-index: 0;




    Hi Ismael,

    yes, your code worked great on the homepage, which is why I tried to find the appropriate code for this other page. My mistake was that, as you wrote “home” in the code for the homepage, i changed “home” into “one-to-one-consulting” for this page, instead of the home id (1548).

    Now it works also for this one and I understood what I have to change for future pages that may give the same behavior.

    Awesome, 1000 thank you!!

    What is not working yet is your workaround on my other topic, regarding the contact page not picking up the correct sidebar, which a few other guys are experiencing. I did as you suggested there but it doesn’t seem to change anything. It still gets stuck.



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