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    See this page:

    You gave me code and that fixed the home page..but all the other subpages still have the dark teal background in the contenbt and I want it to be white so it can be seen.

    I want the dark teal to remain as the page background

    Thank you



    Please go to Enfold > Styling > scroll below, look for Main Content tab. On Main Content background color, select white background. Please play around with the settings.




    It is inconsistent. It changes on one page and not others??? The testimonial page didn’t change and the about us page did? Strange.

    I am about done with this if I can’t get this fixed..sorry.



    I tried to investigate the html code and css classes of the pages but it seems like already uses another theme…

    Best regards,



    Sorry I was trying other theme ideas. It is back now. Some pages now have the white background in content areas but others such as this page do not:

    How can it be consistent for all pages?

    Thank you


    Anyone have any suggestions here? I am about to abandon this again out of frustration.

    Thanks all



    How did you add the background? The pattern?



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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