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    I’ve configured a masonry widget to display Portfolio Entries that match a category.
    For pagination, I’ve set the option ‘Display Pagination’.

    In the resulting page, Porfolio Entries are displayed and pagination shows in for form of two links:

    View post on

    So far so good!

    broken markup

    However, the markup for the link ‘2’ is broken: the quoting is borked.
    This is the generated hyperlink markup:
    <a href='http://wp1.localdev/product/topwater/2/" class="post-page-numbers' class='inactive next_page' >2</a>

    The ‘href’ parameter opens with a single-quote and closes with a double quote.
    Their are two class parameters, and the first one opens with a double-quote and closes with a single-quote.

    As a result, the URL passed to the browser is malformed.

    broken pagination

    I can manually edit the URL to remove the malformation, and then copy the URL to the browser in the navigation pane.
    I get a URL like this:


    However, this yields a 404 page.


    Hey sunilwilliams,

    Credentials did not work for me. Could you please update the credentials?

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria.

    The credentials should work now.
    Make sure to log into the dev site (URL listed in the private post) rather than the live one.



    Hi Victoria.

    Just wondering if there’s been any movement on this?



    Hi sunilwilliams,

    Please have a look at the following thread:

    If you need further assistance please let us know.

    Best regards,


    Hi Victoria.

    Alas, applying the JS code doesn’t mitigate the issue.
    This might be because the broken markup messes with the DOM.

    But also the script is targeting elements that don’t seem to exist in the DOM.
    ie, the script does operations on the object $(‘.pagination-portfolio .pagination’), which doesn’t seem to exist.

    That thread links to another thread with a different solution, but the second solution applies to a problem that uses a different loop.

    The second thread links to a third thread, where the solution is updating the theme.
    However we are already using the latest version.


    Hi Victoria.

    Just wondering if you’ve had a chance to see my last reply on this thread.

    Afaict from the thread you linked to, and the threads linked outward from there, the underlying issuing is most likely to be a bug in the theme itself.

    If so, Is this likely to be fixed in an upcoming release?

    In the meantime, is there a temporary fix?



    Hi sunilwilliams,

    This fix was added to the theme

    Please update the theme and test if the issue is resolved.

    Best regards,

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