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    Today WordPress was updated to 4.4 I also updated Enfold to 3.4.6.
    Now, when I open a page to change anything a waiting circle makes his circles for ever. When I make a new page, a clean new page opens in basic edit form. When I try to change to de Avia builder, the waiting circle is there again.
    I deactivated all plug ins, deletede the whole Enfols map, and replaced it with a claen 3.4.6
    Also with all plug inss deactivated the problem is the same.

    Please help
    Don van Baarda


    I have exactly the same problem. We have several pages using the Enfold theme and the same issue appears with all of them.
    Thank you for any help.
    Kerstin Heuer


    I am also facing some problem as dvbaarda, PLEASE PROVIDE SOLUTION



    Please try to clear your browser cache and reload the page a few times to see if that helps.



    I did, but is without success. Problem the same


    I agree with dvbaarda, it is not working. PLEASE HELP


    Cleared the browser cache and no result. Please provide solution.
    Thank you.


    I just went in again it works again. Thank you.


    HeuerDesign, what did you do? Magic or something smart?
    I am working locally and rebuild the site from scratch. I added all plug inns one by one. After every plug inn I have checqed the Avia builder was working. That was ok. As last step I connected the database I was working on. There the problem was back again. So, I think the update did corrupt the database


    This problem is in discussion in several threats. None of the actions advised by the support team seems to help.
    What all the situations have in common is the update to wordpress 4.4. I hope the support team will look further than the not working solutions they are advising until now



    We are going to need to login to your website to find the cause of the issue. Without seeing, it is kind of a shot in the dark.
    If you can, please create a testing environment – and post login credentials here so we can look into it.



    Sorry, too late for that. I have to go on with this. Deleted the whole site and started again.



    All is working fine now?

    Best regards,

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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