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    I’m running Enfold theme just updated to 3.4.7 and WordPress with 4.4
    I’ve disabled all plugins except for WP Security

    Had to site up for a year and kept up to date. Everything was working well and when I updated to 3.4.7 and WP 4.4 I experienced significant issues editing current pages and portfolio entries but not posts.

    If I try to edit an existing page, there is no content to edit.
    I can build a new page with the Avia Builder and preview, then when I go back to edit, the builder and all content is gone. If I select the Default editor there is no content displayed.

    Again, this is on Pages and Portfolio entries – Posts seem to work fine.

    The site displays normally.

    I returned to Enfold 3.4.6 and the problem resolved. I’d like to keep up-to-day so please advise.



    Hi scottrseeley!

    Update to the latest version and then send us a WordPress login and we’ll take a look.

    Be sure to deactivate all plugins while testing.



    Hi, I have same problem.

    I just updated to Enfold 3.4.7 and suddenly I am not able to edit any content on the Website. The Avia Layout Builder shows empty and also the Standard Editor. How can I fix this? Many thanks


    Just wrote here a login for you to take a look.


    Hi @eriatarka,

    On what page are you have problems? I selected to edit your front page and the builder and content is loading as expected. Please try to flush your browser cache and reload a few times to see if that helps.



    It did help. Problem solved, many thanks!



    Glad to know you got things sorted @eriatarka

    Please let us know if you ever need any help in the future.

    @scottrseeley We’ll leave your thread open as we await your response.

    Best regards,


    Hi there!
    I have the same problem using WP 4.4 an Enfold 3.4.7.
    When I switch from ALB to Standard Editor there is no content. This problem occures in all pages, portfolio entries and also in posts if they have elements from the ALB (e.g. sliders).

    As recommended above I already flushed my browser caches and deactivated the plugins.
    You find a Login in the private content if you want to have a look.



    Hi @michaela,

    We will need a URL as well, please note that the original poster will see what you post in private. You will have to start a new thread if you only want your information visible to moderators.



    Hi Rikard,

    thanks for the advise I wasn’t aware of that. I will start a new thread with the required information.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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