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    I’m trying do edit some pages, but it seems that the layout builder isn’t working, I can’t edit any element. I’ve installed the classic editor, deactivanting all plugins, cleanning the cache, another browser… but nothing seens to work. If someone could help me, I’ll be greatfull. My site


    Hey Guilherme,

    I can see a lot of errors in the web console when I inspected the backend of your site.
    Can you try to create a staging site first? so we can try to disable plugins, switch themes, etc and try to isolate the issue without having to mess up your live site, here’s a tutorial on how to create a staging site:

    Best regards,


    I don;t like to create a new post…

    same wp-5-0-3 and problems with avia builder.
    Every time i try modificate, it double content of the page.

    If i try to modificate only contact form on this page: i add a new fiels – phone, and it add 2 fielsd – duplicate of e-mail + phone. Ok, Save, again modifiction – already 10 fields inside…


    Hi KidLoop,

    It’s ok if you don’t want to create a new post, just note that the original thread starter has access to everything you post in private.

    For your problem; could you try to select the Classic Editor on the main page of the theme options to see if that makes a difference please?

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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