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    I have two problems – close connected to each other:

    – I would like to use the advanced layout editor for posts

    – it is essential to have the meta data an the comment box below the posts that use elements of the advanced layout editor

    Problem one could be solved with a modification of the wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-templatebuilderavia-template-builderconfigmeta.php (add ‘post’ to the page variable).

    (see and

    But this will produce the second problem – the comments box disappears from the posts. Even if I remove the advanced editor (untouched meta.php) and copy the code into my post manually – as soon as there are Avia Layout Builder elements in a post, the comment box and the meta infos are gone.

    That is a major problem for me. Without the Avia Layout Builder elements in my posts, the Enfold theme is much reduced in it’s quality/options. With the patch, I got the Avia Layout Builder elements but no comments and that’s a no-go for a blog.

    This fix from Nick ( kills the layout for me – so this is no option.

    Also this fix won’t help – still no comments for me:

    Any idea how to solve this?

    Best regards,




    You say that nobody has answered you regarding the addition of comments to portfolio items. I dispute that statement.

    My answer on the post you mentioned has been up for over a week ( ) . I even searched the support forum for this issue, and found one or two related questions from the past to which I added my answer.

    Since you didn’t answer , I assumed that it worked and all is well. I tested that answer 1 week ago, and it worked and I tested it today and it still works.

    I am going to test the code I put on gist again since for me it allowed posts to have the advanced builder without losing the meta data and comment form. I will test it again now, but as I explained, I didn’t have the opportunity to test it with every blog customization. Are you sure you installed it? By messes up your layout can you provide a url so that I can see the problem and fix it.




    Hi Nick,

    i never wrote “nobody has answered you” – I wrote: the two problems are unsolved for me – this was my first post concerning this problem?!

    As you can see in my post: I read all (hopefully) comments here about this problem – none of the solutions works for me.

    I did nothing special to customize the theme – no changes to the templates, minor custom CSS changes.

    The fix for the portfolio pages was just a test – I’m looking for a solution to get the comments back on regular posts.

    With the code you posted on GIST it looks like:

    (I will leave the page there for some time, then I restore the old template-builder.php again)

    Thanks for your support.




    Excellent. Now we can get it all fixed up. Meanwhile you can look on that post , as I changed my answer based on your feedback.

    The code from gist you are using must be missing some closing divs since based on the layout shift, there are too many open div’s with no matching closing div’s since if its the other way around, usually the contact form starts moving to the right, while yours is moving to the left.

    Doing a quick count on your page, there are 116 opening divs and 115 closing divs . Now its just a matter of comparing your structure to my local one to figure out where the extra div came from and why. Hang on.




    Ok I updated it

    It’s definitely not going to be an exact duplicate of how the posts looked without the builder attached to posts. I don’t think that even matters , since visitors don’t know how your site may have looked, so there is no nostalgia. Please let us know how its doing.




    Hi Nick,

    just posted the new code from GIST – looks much better – nearly perfect – only the second “post-meta” line is missing the correct styles.

    Thanks for the support!



    the solution for me now is:

    I removed everything after

    echo "<div class='entry-content clearfix main_color {$post_format}-content'>";


    echo '</span>';
    echo '</span>';

    So now there is no meta on top of the post – this looks OK – I would like to include the meta, but only inside the “container_wrap” DIV.

    Thanks for your help and hopefully your patch will make it into the next release.





    My final version. This one takes care of all problems.

    Things to keep in mind:

    * The functionality : big / small /multi-author blog will not work with the above modification with advanced template posts. Since you can add whatever image/slider you want to the individual post of any size using the advanced template builder elements, I didn’t waste time on it. If you add a featured image to the post, it will be visible on the main blog page but then you can replace it with a different image for the individual post, or have no image at all or have a slider.



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