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    Hi Guys,

    I just moved the “Excerpt” Layer in the Backend on a different position and suddently the whole Layout Builder is broke!?
    But only on Portfolio Entries not on Pages…

    This is the Error:
    Uncaught Error: cannot call methods on sortable prior to initialization; attempted to call method ‘toArray’

    The “Position” of the “Excerpt Layer” must be stored somewhere in the database…?

    Using WP 4.01 and Enfold 3.04 — no Plugins at the moment.

    I could provide you with an login if needed.

    Please help…THX!!!

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    Hey Commodus76!

    Please undo the changes you have made. If that does not help, please try re-updating the theme via FTP –


    Hi Yigit,

    Sorry..I can not undo, because the backend (only Portfolio Entries) doesn’t let me drag and drop anymore.
    Re-Updating the Theme has also no influence.

    It must be some kind of Jquery/Theme Bug. Obviously draging the “Excerpt Module” to a different place (above the Avia Layout Architect Module) caused the problem.

    Any idea? Wanna login?




    Can you please try de-activating all active plugins and check if that helps?



    De-Activating doesn’t help!

    I think you can reproduce the error, if you try to move the “Excerpt Modul” above the “Avia Layout Builder” on the “Portfolio Entries” Backend.

    The Position of the Modules must be stored somewhere in the Database. Mayby we could reset this?


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    I can’t reproduce it on my XAMPP setup. Can you send us a WordPress login so we can take a closer look?


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    It looks like when doing it on your setup your getting a 404 on this.

    Not sure why that would be happening. I also noticed your theme options panel is not displaying correctly even though there are no javascript errors there.

    Try creating a backup and then completely deleting Enfold and your child theme before downloading + uploading a fresh copy from themeforest.



    No. Didn’t help.
    We had to make a clean re-install…. ;(




    Did clean re-install solve the issue?



    But I Have the same problem on an other side now (200+entries)…….So reinstal is no option…!

    It happend again after moving the “Modules” in the Backend by accident…..

    You guys must be aware of this problem. Is there any Fix in sight?

    Please respond asap!



    Only the Re-import of the Database Backup helped!!

    Obviously the Positioning of the Backend Modules was corruped. Is there another way to reset the Backend?



    I’m not sure what you mean by “moving the modules”. Can you take a screenshot and highlight the steps your doing to reproduce the problem?

    Best regards,

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