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    I’ve been running into this every now and again for a while but since today it is totally broken: I can’t drag (avia) the elements on my portfolio items. I thought it was completely broken but drag and drop does work on pages.

    I’ve been searching for the problem/solution and even made sure php had enough memory as I saw that as a response come by pretty often.

    Right now I’m thinking about recreating my portfolio items as pages, where dragging elements does work, but I was hoping you might know what the problem is so I can keep our events as portfolio items.

    The portfolio items I’m talking about can be found on http://venlo.evolv.es

    If you do not know an easy fix, could you suggest the ideal way to showcase multiple pages as a portfolio of pages so I can just use pages for event landing pages?



    Hi LeonPals!

    Try disabling all active plugins and then see if that helps. If its only not working on the portfolio items my guess would be there is some other script only loading on that custom post type and its causing a conflict.



    Hi Devin,

    I already disabled all plugins but I think it is something in the template I created. I’ll have a look, but could you suggest an easy/nice way to showcase pages just in case?



    The portfolio items are definitely good for that but you could also use the image grid (media elements>grid) which lets you display a nice grid of images with custom links. So you could then point each image to a specific landing page for that item.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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