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    I use Avia contact form in Enfold for questionnaires which photo clients fill in, here is a sample

    Can you please tell me how to send a copy of the responses to the email address they provide in the form.
    It doesn’t need any fancy formatting or extra text, just how I receive it as text at my end is fine

    Is there short code or other code I can safely copy into the backend through FTP, I’m no expert but I have followed instructions for other small code changes.
    I don’t want to use Contact Form 7 as I initially had great trouble getting emails to arrive using both Avia and Contact Form but this is stable now and I have created all the forms so I don’t want to change what is working for me.


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    Hey burtonimagery,

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    Are you thinking of an auto response with the same content as the filled up forms? Unfortunately, this is not possible with the theme. Maybe, you can look into email forwarding or redirecting so that the sender’s email will be send back to them automatically. Please contact your hosting provider or consult an email expert.

    Best regards,

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