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    Hey there,

    I’ve encountered a misbehaviour (won’t name it a bug) when adding a accordeon to a column. I’ve put a Screenshot together so you can actually see it:

    This error may not belong to the avia builder – I think most of the wordpress users know this one. It happens only on the actual page, with all modals where an editor ist present.

    Not a fix, but deleting the whole content and re-entering it fixes this.

    Maybe you guys could dive into that.

    Thanks & regards.


    Another thing I’ve epxlored: this seems to happen ONLY if you put a accordeon within a column. After deleting the accordeon shown in the above screen, the editor is showing up correctly.


    Next strange thing: still trying to add a accordeon to the 1/4th column. When adding additional toggles, sometimes one of the previous toggle-boxes switch to “undefined”. This also happens to the whole accordeon making me very tense… ;)

    Got it finally done for now. Maybe this happens, when using / and/or & in a toggle title…



    I’m sorry but I’m not sure what is wrong with it even with the screenshot you provided. I tested the accordion on my end and it is working fine. Do you have Enfold 1.4?




    Stop telling me that you are unsure. Test it again with a real scenario. Yes, I do have always the latest revision of any theme.

    Sorry, but this really fucks me up. It’s 4 a.m. now here in germany and I’m trying to get a development website up and running messing with this sh*t for the whole day (worth of 4 hours plus)!!!

    Another screen that happend JUST NOW:

    I’ve added the entry at the bottom of the toggle, saved builder, saved page, started editing over – there ya go. Pretty much useless! After that I have to deactivate a plugin (Google Doc Embedder or sometimes also WPML and I don’t have any other plugin active) and the editor shows up again.

    The WP feature to automatically save drafts seems to have affect on this behaviour. So get into it instead of telling me after a few clicks that everything works fine… :(


    To complete this thread:


    Hi formateins,

    I understand that you get frustrated when something doesn’t work as you expect it, but there is no reason to get hostile. We are trying to help and understand the issue as best we can.

    From your screenshots above, you point out the tabs but offer no explanation. Its pretty easy to see that and have no idea what you are referring to as an issue.

    If we were to try and recreate every screenshot that was submitted with no context on what we are looking for as an issue, we would never be able to answer anyone.




    Seems the same problem as in this thread…

    Edit: I’ve also noticed when inspecting the editor element via Google Chrome, the text is present but not shown. Maybe this screenshot will help.


    Hi aweterings,

    Much more clear now thank you. I’ve tagged Kriesi on both topics and hopefully find the root cause and a fix for it.




    I’m not hostile. It is lack of support so try to read my posts again! Also, try to read my other topics like this one:




    Same as in the other thread: more php memory for scripts to run and problems seems to be gone :)



Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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