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    is it possible to intergrate the avia builder inside tabs?
    I see it at some other websites like: http://vintageelectricbikes.com/pages/bikes (tabs for overview/specs)
    I read somewhere I can workaround, but then I cannot get background like i want and animated pictures. And to make it like the above website doesn’t work. Or i have to get it out of Word or so..
    – Or here a second one with tabs including pictures.

    That second site is made with Kinetic.
    They also have Icon with shadow, which looks very nice: http://zinderboats.com/evenementen1/

    maybe you can look at that site for reference..
    Hope the Avia builder works.

    And how do I get a button or tab from where a visitor of the website can download or view a PDF brochure? Which item should I use?


    Hey lillebro!

    I didn’t see any tabs in your link. Are you trying to add elements inside your tabs? If so then you’ll want to switch to the default editor and copy / paste the shortcodes so they are nested inside each tab content.

    As for downloading a PDF I would just link to the PDF so they can view it in their browser and then download it while they are viewing it. Or you can zip up the PDF and then link to the zip file instead if you want it to be downloaded automatically.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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