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    Hi Enfold Team!

    I currently have the ava_main_header hook to insert a div tag within my div#header_main section (associated with a PHP add_action(‘ava_main_header’, ‘custom_func’);).

    It would be better for my design to have this kind of hook linked to the div#header_main_alternate (header menu) instead of div#header_main.

    Thanks in advance to let me know if possible to achieve this with Enfold

    Best regards,


    Hey Steph!

    Go ahead and send us a link to your page and take a screenshot highlighting what your trying to do so we can get a better idea.



    Hi Elliott,

    As you’ll see on the screenshot
    There are 2 images circled in RED that are NOT part of the current fullscreen backgroud image (the dandelion) because I’ll soon have a fullscreen background slide show on which I DON’T want to show these 2 images nor the header menu (div#header_main_alternate) and the main page content (#main).
    During the background slide show, ONLY the logo image on top ( circled in BLUE will be displayed.
    The slide show plugin allows me hide both the main page content (#main) and the header menu bar (#header_main_alternate) during the slide show.
    Once the slide show ends, both the header menu bar and main page content are display again.

    Currently I have the 2 images circled in red that are hooked to ava_main_header in my function.php file
    My custom.css file displays these elements according the size of the device screen.
    With this configuration, these images are linked to the div#header_main (where my logo is displayed) … and therefore I cannot hide them without also hidding the logo.
    If possible, I would prefer to keep displaying the top logo while the slide show is on.

    What would you suggest to have these 2 images circled in red linked to the header menu bar (#header_main_alternate), or even the main page content (#main), intead of being linked/hooked to div#header_main?
    Can I use/create a simiular function custom_func() { …} + add_action(‘ava_main_header_alternate’, ‘custom_func’)?
    Maybe there is an easier way to achieve this goal.




    So the two images circled in red. Your wanting their HTML to be inside the menu container right?

    Have you tried the “ava_inside_main_menu” or the “ava_after_main_menu” hooks?



    Hey! Thanks a lot for your precious help Elliott.

    It works just fine with your first proposal, the “ava_inside_main_menu” hook.

    This topic can now be closed.

    Wish you a great day,


    Hi Steph,

    Great, glad we could help :-)

    Best regards,

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