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    I have hundreds of items in my portfolio grid, so logically the loading takes quite a while. To speed things up I would really like to find a similar solution as seen on sites like where the page loads 20 or so items and when the visitor scrolls to the bottom it automatically loads the next 20 and so on.

    As this isn’t available in the Enfold theme (at least not at the moment), does anyone know a plugin or code that I can use to make this happen, please?


    Hey DavyE!

    That behavior is called ‘infinite scroll’, please take a look:

    Best regards,


    This is supposed to work with the Enfold Portfolio grid and/or Fullwidth Masonry?

    I’m sorry, but I can’t get it to work. I don’t understand how or what exactly.
    Installed the plugin (your first link), checked the Infinite Scroll Options and changed “Content Selector” to #main. Rest I left the way it was.



    The masonry gallery has the option for the Load More button but nothing else does at the moment. The two plugins referenced would need to be set up according to their documentation but we don’t have any specific how-tos or official support of them yet (though I believe it will be added in pretty soon for other elements)

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    Sounds interesting, but any idea if it could also work without having to click “Load more” and just load automatically when the visitor scrolls to the bottom? Same as on

    There really are hundreds of items, so it would be irritating for the visitor to constantly have to scroll, click “load more” then scroll again, click again, scroll again, … for every 20 or so.

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    Its been added in as a feature request :)

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