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    Sorry if I missed this in another post, but I’m having a problem with the html text block editor (not visual) in the avia layout builder adding p tags after publishing. It wouldn’t be so bad, but after you save/publish then you when go back to your text box all the opening and closing p tags are pushed together making one giant glob of code.

    I’m a designer so I prefer to work in html and hand code everything so this is a major problem for me.

    Enfold/avia layout worked just fine before the update to 3.9, I checked my other site with enfold that’s still on 3.8 and have no problems. I’ve also noticed it’s only when you use a text block within avia layout builder. None of my other sites (not using enfold) are having this problem, so it leads me to be fairly certain this is an enfold/avia layout issue. I’ve tried disabling plugins, updating theme ( enfold 2.7) etc. and it’s still is messing up the code. Thanks for your help, you guys have been great and I love the theme, however, I need a solution please as soon as your camp figures it out. Thanks!!!


    Hey t2design!

    Thanks for the notice. I asked Kriesi to look into it.



    I am experiencing the same issue. on two of my sites using Enfold. Just wanted to tag in to be notified when there’s a solution. Makes my eyes cross trying to edit the html! Thanks!


    Hi Dude!

    Yeah it’s definitely a WP 3.9/Enfold/Avia issue, I downgraded WP to 3.83 and all works correctly again. Hope that helps, let us know when Kriesi figures it out.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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