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    I am unable to gt the syntax here to work. the page returns blank each time with this modification
    Original Question
    “I would like to add an ID value these buttons that exist in my full screen slider image. Here’s the link
    What is the best approach for this

    Suggested solution
    You can use jquery to add an id to the button. Edit js > avia.js, add this code at the very bottom:

    $(‘#fullscreen_slider_0 .avia-slideshow-button’).attr(‘id’, ‘BUTTON-ID’);


    Hi codepantry!

    If you need assistance beyond that it would need to be handled by a freelance developer. Ismaels suggestion is a general one but the theme just doesn’t have that kind of built in capacity to dynamically add in an ID to each and every element.

    You can also add it in as a feature request here:

    Best regards,


    Actually, per the thread I am only requesting for the right syntax because I received an error indicating so.
    The reason for requesting the ID is due to the fact that there is no support for popup windows in the full screen slider so this is a work around. I can certainly look for and contact a developer however they would have to learn the nuances of the theme and then research a solution. This process will consume far more time versus using the expertise here that’s already familiar with this theme. At the end of the day, all I’m asking is the correct syntax.



    Can you post the link to your website please? also indicate which button you want to receive an ID.



    Here’s the link to the site –

    The button is the one on the very first page/full screen slide – SIGN UP FOR BRIDEPOINTE button



    I’m not sure why the code doesn’t work for you but do you mind if we ask why you need an id to the button? Maybe knowing why you need it can give us a better understanding on how to approach the problem. You can actually edit the config-templatebuilder > avia-shortcodes > slideshow.php and look for the button code on line 792:

    $button_html .= "<a href='{$link}' {$blank} class='avia-slideshow-button avia-button avia-color-{$button_color} {$button_count}' data-duration='800' data-easing='easeInOutQuad'>";

    You can add the id there but every button generated on the full screen slider will have the same id which might cause some conflict.


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