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    In my Firefox 62, the little up/down arrows are missing from the right end of Enfold 4.4 dropdowns, which is causing drop downs to look like plain textboxes. Apparently due to the .avia-mozilla class added to the <html> element, line 370 in shortcodes.css (background-image: none;) is overriding line 358 (url(data:image/png;base64…) in that same file. Other than going into shortcodes.css and commenting line 370 OR re-specifying the background-image in my child theme’s style.css, is there any way to get the up/down arrows back???

    I’d prefer not to have to do anything directly in shortcodes.css, and I’d also prefer not to have to put that huge, long background-image string into my child theme css file. I’ve tried using inherit and initial, but neither of those worked.




    I checked your website on Firefox 63.0.3 and arrows are showing up fine on my end. Attached a screenshot in private content field. Could you please try updating your browser and check if that helps?

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    Hi Yigit:

    I had probably already fixed it on that site by the time you got a chance to look at it. Here’s a site where I have not yet had a chance to fix it.

    The two controls just above the Send Inquiry button are both dropdowns but have no up/down arrows when viewed with Firefox 63. It’s the same issue where shortcodes.css line 370 is overriding line 358.

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    That is correct. Thanks for pointing that out. We will inform our devs :)

    Best regards,

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