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    The arrows on the images in portfolio (for switching between images) is not working in internet explorer, only in Chrome and Firefox. The circles at the bottom is working though. I noticed that this goes for your demo site for Enfold too, so I guess it’s not related to just my site. Any ideas how to fix this?


    Hi agarkitekter,

    I believe its a css effect that IE doesn’t support. IE10 might at this point however, but I don’t have it to test right now.





    I have IE 10 (Windows 7) but it don’t work there either (works on Advanced Layerslider though). I don’t like IE at all, but unfortunately most people use it. Can I add arrows below or something? And at the same time remove the arrows on the image so Chrome and Firefox user don’t get double arrows….


    It would need to be added in with a future update. Looking a bit closer it seems the icon font which has the arrows is not rendering in IE at all which is why they aren’t showing. I don’t know if this is intentional by Kriesi as a limitation of IE or what but I’ve tagged him on the topic to take a look at the issue.





    was actually a bug. Next update will fix that as well ;)

    Best regards,



    i got similar issues with the explorer. besides the missing icons (like seach button, etc.) another weird thing in my portfolio page (i am using the 120×120 shop thumbnails) – the thumbnails are not square- they are somehow squashed – so do the picturers look. in firefox everythings fine. i am using IE8

    any idea how to fix this?

    there is also a problem with the responsive feature when using the 120×120 shop thumbnails – i reported this in another topic..

    best regards




    Can you post a link to your website please?




    yes – here you go:

    also – the fading (frontpage) for the ‘Image Fade in Animation’ doesnt work in IE.

    my best regards



    update: page id is



    I couldn’t reproduce the thumbnail issue on IE10 and 9:

    IE8 displayed slightly smaller thumbnails but they’re still squared and not distorted, etc.

    You can try to add a min-width to the thumbnails though – add following code to the quick css field:

    #top div .avia-gallery img {
    min-width: 120px;
    min-height: 120px;

    This should force IE8 to display the images with at least 120px width/height or more (depends on the thumbnail size).


    Hi –

    the css alteration doesnt make it better. it makes the thumbnails bigger – and still arent square. i tried to resize monitor etc… doesnt affect.

    unfortunately i cant post screenshots here – but i have some prepared if you would like to look over…


    fading and icons dont work aswell under IE 8


    so – i finally did some recording with the screenr – great tool!

    check my recording:

    as you can see the thumbnails arent square – i dont really have a problem if they arent – unless the image is squashes – which it is as you can see… i dont have any plug-ins, blockers or whatsoever installed in IE8 – but thats the way how it looks…

    as you can see the fading on the frontpage doest work aswell – neither do the icons – but i assume this was fixed in the last update.

    hope that helps


    any update!?


    Please open up wp-contentthemesenfoldconfig-templatebuilderavia-shortcodesgallery.php and replace the entire code with: – this will add the thumbnail dimensions to the image tags which should help IE to show the images properly. It seems like IE8 has problems with % values.


    great – i will look into it and post the results. thanks!!



    I hope it worked out?

    Best regards,



    nope. i noticed that Opera (running Version 12.15) encounters the same problems with icons. instead of icons a symbol similar to ‘pause’ appears…

    any ideas?



    I marked the thread for Kriesi because I’m out of ideas now :/

    Best regards,




    Hey! I am sorry but I cant reproduce the issue as well. It works fine for me in every browser, internet explorer and otherwise :/

    Mind telling me which windows version you are using?

    Best regards,



    Hey, i am using Windows 7 (ultimate) 64bit.

    and the Internet Explorer 8. It doesnt work with Opera 12.15 (newest Version) aswell.

    these two browsers are clean – no plug ins, blockers etc used.

    however in firefox and android (jelly bean) it just works fine…

    here is a screener:

    my best regards



    Hi aovivo,

    Just tested in IE8 on Windows 7 64bit and not getting the same icon issue that you have in the video. I don’t see a link to that specific page to test the other items however.

    Not sure what the difference could be but if you can provide a link to the same page from the video maybe there is something specific to that page.




    yes, that would be great. feel free to test the page

    my best regards



    Same thing on that page with IE8. No visual issues with the icons or layout.

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