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    When adding a API code to check for Enfold updates via Themeforest
    I get No Updates avail… And my theme is 3.3 ?? I just downloaded 3.4.7 a few days ago?? Is something broken?
    (Fresh buy and fresh API)

    The new “Support valid for 6 month”… Does that include updates?or just access to this forum?


    Hi Peter,

    Could you try removing WordPress transients using this plugin to see if that helps? https://wordpress.org/plugins/artiss-transient-cleaner/

    We’re still not in the clear as to what the official word from Envato is concerning support so it’s nothing you have to worry about at this point. And it’s only for support, not for the theme. Updates will still be available for you for the theme.



    Hi Rikard,
    Thx – Removing the transients didn’t change the update… It did delete some transients but after I manually checked the Enfold Update – Still stock at 3.3 ?? Something is off
    Too bad so many users don’t get to enjoy your effort – I could do it manually … Like in the good old days…!! :-)



    Please check your API key once again and maybe try generating another one.



    Hi Yigit,

    Revoke the OLD API – Generated a new API one… Added it to the settigs in Enfold Same result?
    Still stock at 3.3
    Also checked manually – No updates avail



    That is an issue by Envato API some times and not much we can do, honestly. They are transactioning to a new one and some times things get a bit strange.

    Cn I ask, why not do the manual update, as it seems to be easy for you?




    Manual – Would be cool if I only had a few sites to maintain… But since I have many… I rely on some automation :-)
    Since you are the “Author”…. and you have a certain interest and more installs of “Enfold” than me… Would you make sure your vendor “Envato” puts his focus on this? For us all – Thx in advance and Merry X-Mas



    I have 2 websites using Enfold. I cannot update version of either with updater. Theme update says I have current theme at 3.0.4. Manual update takes me WP update page, which I have updated to 4.4. Both API keys seem to be correct.

    Thank you

    Kristin Aplin


    Hi Kristin,

    I want to ask for admin login details to your site but the original poster will see your details so maybe you would like to start a new thread?


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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