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    I am trying very basically to just activate google maps into the enfold theme. But on the google services page within the enfold menu when entering the freshly generated API key it says “no connection can be made”. then they ask me to :

    Check if you typed the key correctly.
    If you use the restriction setting on Google try to remove that, wait a few minutes for google to apply your changes and then check again if the key works here. If it does, you probably have a syntax error in your referrer url
    If none of this helps: deactivate all plugins and then check if the API works by using the button above. If thats the case then one of your plugins is interfering.

    But all of this does not work.

    So where is the problem? I just want to have google maps. So no rocket science normally… I am not the techni girl but managed fine until here and I love the intuitiveness of the Enfold theme. But here I surrender…
    Thanks for your help, Maren

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    Hey m1sturny,

    How can we see your admin page, without admin access?
    is there a way?

    Best regards,

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