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    I read the older threads (e.g. and have looked at and don’t think I can obtain the answer through those means. I have a portfolio item and one of the preview images in the gallery is an animated GIF, but I only see it as a static image. I cant set the size to full here as it’s in a portfolio gallery. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do.


    well youtube and vimeo do offer now little episodes of a mp4 film as gif to use it for preview films.
    but i know that the offered gifs do not always play as it should.
    I have used the converters here:

    But for the usage as “featured image” they had to fullfill some conditions. Main is size – or frame-rate. – and do not insert a recalculated ( resized image) to use as featured image. so resize it on the link above yourself to get a nice dimension to use.

    Maybe this article will help you to solve your problems:


    Thanks Guenni007! I am not looking to use it for a featured image, but rather one of the Preview Images in a Portfolio entry. I too use ezgif, but I think because I can not set the preview image to full size and I’ve messed around with frame rate (mostly to reduce file size). That last link you provided looks promising and I’ll investigate that further.


    Hi lzevon,

    Thanks for the update, let us know if you should need any further help on the topic. Thanks @guenni007 for helping out as well :-)

    Best regards,

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