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    Amazing theme, but I’m having two minor issues I can’t quite seem to figure out:

    Here’s my site:
    – In the secondary navigation bar at the very top, it seems like no matter what order I put them in, the link on the far right doesn’t get the 10px of left margin that the other links get, and as a result there’s no space between it and the pipe

    – I’ve inserted an anchor link so that when someone clicks the “Client Results” link in the main navbar, it jumps them to that section on the home page. This seems to somehow override the ability of the navbar to highlight the correct link when you’re on the homepage. The “Cogito Dialog” link should be highlighted, but instead it always highlights it for a brief moment and then immediately highlights the “Client Results” link.

    Any idea on how to fix these? Thanks so much for your help!



    1. Add this to the Quick CSS:

    .av_secondary_right .sub_menu>ul>li:last-child, .av_secondary_right .sub_menu>div>ul>li:last-child {
        padding: 0 8px;

    2. That’s how the anchor works, it will detect if there is a hash in the URL and if it matches with a menu item it will highlight it, you can disable it though, open js/avia.js and look for line 256:

    applyClass: 'current-menu-item'

    Replace it by:

    applyClass: ''



    Thanks so much for the quick reply, Josue. The first suggestion worked like a charm! The second one I tried and it didn’t seem to change anything. To be clear, if this suggestion is successful, would it disable the highlight state entirely? or fix the issue and highlight the correct home page link? Ideally I’d want to have a solution that can keep the highlight state and still do the jump down the page for that link. Any other creative ideas of how to make that happen would be cool with me as well.



    The second change has not been applied, the class is still there:

    Best regards,


    Ahh, I have two versions of the Enfold theme, and I edited the wrong one. Good catch! It looks like it fixed it for the home page link, thanks! If I click the “Client Results” link to jump down to that section of the home page, the home link still remains highlighted. I don’t suppose there’s any way to get the “Client Results” link to highlight after it’s clicked, is there?


    No, after this change there isn’t as far as i know.



    Josue, this is similar to one of the bugs we are discussing here:

    It works properly in this site: Built on Enfold 2.7!

    But not here: Built on Enfold 2.7.1!

    What’s the difference? What was changed? I do not want to update the live site until this is resolved.

    Thank you,

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    Hi @wintner!


    Added some CSS to the child style.css file.



    Thanks Josue!

    RE: “Fixed the scroll issue on mobiles, they now land of top (parent theme js/avia.js, i’ll propose this fix and it will probably be included in the next update).”

    I see no improvement.


    Check it now (refresh a few times):



    Refreshing does nothing. Still dont see an improvement. Testing on Android and Developer Tools Emulation. What did you change?


    I’m testing it on my tablet (Nexus 7), the change i applied is in js/avia.js (609-731).



    This issue seems to be happening on mobile phones not tablets.


    Do you really don’t see any minimal change whatsoever? have you tried on another device? i don’t have a smartphone right now to test but it should look like this:

    Best regards,


    Will have to check other devices later. It now appears better in Developer Tools Emulation but that is only emulation.


    Ok, let me know how it goes :)



    Josue, I’m now seeing an issue when navigating the site using a mobile device (tested on an iPad and iPhone) where if I click the “Client results” link, it doesn’t jump down the page to the anchor link in that section like it does on a computer, it instead just reloads the page at the top. Any idea how to fix this?



    Thank you for the update.

    : You’re not using the latest version of the theme. Please download the latest version 2.7.1 from your themeforest account then update the theme via FTP. Please refer to this link for more info:



    Ok, I’ve downloaded the latest and it seemed to fix the navigation link highlighting issue in most browsers except Safari. Thanks! Any idea why when I click the “Client Results” link in Safari from the home page, it doesn’t highlight that link unless I scroll down a bit? It seems to work fine if you go there from any other page (and in chrome it works perfectly).



    It’s working fine on my end (Safari 7 / OS X 10.9):

    In what environment are you seeing this issues?



    Josue, I now see an issue not highlighting the HOME link.


    @wintner, i see it, i’ll check it in the other topic.


    Josue, if I remove “Home” from the menu, then “Blog” doesn’t highlight. Must have something to do with the fix to the bug where the wrong link was highlighted.


    Yep, that’s the root of the issue, i’ll look into it.


    Hello Josue – or anyone that may be able to help please!

    I have amend the js/avia to applyClass: ” which I now found on current version line 293 but am still having problems. I know this post has been open for some time so is there any new workarounds or quick fixes for this please/

    I’ve searched the forums and tried a few different ways but this seems to be the best thread regarding the issue.

    Many thanks



    this thread is already very long and moreover very old. Please open a new ticket for your problem. Provide us admin access to have a deeper look into the issue, as well as precise links where we can see the issue. Screenshots highlighting what’s going on would help a lot (, dropbox).

    Best regards,

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