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    I am Trying to use Amp but it is asking the following info
    for page builder compatibility module

    1- Enter css url

    Add your css url in comma saperated
    2-Enter custom css

    Add your custom css code
    3-Load fontawesome

    I used wp-content/themes/enfold/css obviously is wrong
    any suggestions?


    Hey sag,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    Which plugin are you using? The builder is currently not compatible with AMP because of how the elements are structured. The elements have a different syntax compare to what is use in AMP pages, so the plugin might not work. Where can we see the site?

    Best regards,


    I am using AMPforWP
    what is css url address? I guess I am using the wrong one.



    what is css url address?

    We are not really sure, but it probably refers to the css files or stylesheets. The theme contains many of these files, the base or default stylesheets (enfold > css) and one for each element in the builder (enfold > config-templatebuilder > aviashortcodes), which is also one of the reasons why such plugin might not work.

    Best regards,


    this is their direction’
    enter CSS URL: In this textarea, Add your custom plugin CSS links(URL) to get similar output like non-AMP and you can separate CSS URL by a comma.
    Enter Custom CSS: In this textarea, you can enter your custom CSS code. If you want some CSS specific changes on your side, so add your CSS code here.



    Thank you for the update.

    The theme’s base css files are located in the “css” folder and some are located in the config-templatebuilder > aviashortcodes files — these are the styles of the elements from the advance layout builder. You have to locate the files and probably use their relative URL separated by comma in the plugin’s CSS URL field. For further assistance, please contact the plugin author.

    Best regards,

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