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    @peterolle thanks, I was hoping to find a reason your alt & title for the alternate logo is not working. I have again installed a clean version on my localhost with only the woocommerce plugin and no functions, and once I add the alt & title to the alternate logo the alt & logo reflects the change.
    So I can’t confirm your issue, I will ask the rest of the team to try to recreate to error and offer suggestions to correct.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Please Mike – do not think i have not tested even a pure virginal install – see login data for you in private Content.

    Even my standard security entries in htaccess file are missing here. Quick CSS only has one entry. child-theme functions.php is without active input – just comments as on child-theme download of enfold-docu site.

    Maybe you are using a beta-version or ;)

    Tell me when you are ready to proove – because i want to make these htaccess entries as soon as possible
    Edit: sorry couldn’t wait to insert some security positions in htaccess.


    Thanks @guenni007, perhaps I do have a different version, I don’t think so but it would explain this.
    I posted to link to my version in your child theme stylesheet, if you don’t mind trying to install that it would be appreciated.

    Best regards,


    Public version: 4.7.3
    Version not working: 4.7.3

    You try with another version and ask others to try with your version. What for?

    Use 4.7.3. That is the one available for download and with the problem as stated 5 times in this thread.

    If there was a fix in July as you said, please share it and add it to the next version.



    I have compared the files in both folders – with DiffMerge – there are no differences. Now to think about it: I replaced your enfold with mine via ftp. No Alt and Title attributes on the Alternate logo ?

    So this is strange!

    PS @peterolle : my manual input fields work ! Just paste the code to your child-theme functions.php

    function my_transparent_logo_attributes( array $avia_elements = array() )
      $slug = "header";
      $id = 'header_replacement_logo';
      $new_element_1 =  array(
          "slug"  => "header",
          "name"  => __( "Alt for the Transparency Logo", 'avia_framework' ),
          "desc"  => __("Put in your Alt Attribute for Transparency Logo", 'avia_framework'),
          "id"    => "header_replacement_logo_alt",
          "type"  => "text",
          "std"   => "" );
      $new_element_2 =  array(
          "slug"  => "header",
          "name"  => __( "Title for the Transparency Logo", 'avia_framework' ),
          "desc"  => __("Put in your Title Attribute for Transparency Logo", 'avia_framework'),
          "id"    => "header_replacement_logo_title",
          "type"  => "text",
          "std"   => "" );
      $found = false;
      $index = 0;
      foreach( $avia_elements as $key => $element ){ 
      	$index++; if( isset( $element['id'] ) &&  ( $element['id'] == $id ) && isset( $element['slug'] ) && ( $element['slug'] == $slug ) ) { $found = true; break;}
         if( ! $found ) { 
            $avia_elements[] =  $new_element_1 ; 
    	$avia_elements[] =  $new_element_2 ;
         else {
            $avia_elements = array_merge( array_slice( $avia_elements, 0, $index ), array( $new_element_1, $new_element_2 ), array_slice( $avia_elements, $index  ) );
      return $avia_elements;
    add_filter( 'avf_option_page_data_init', 'my_transparent_logo_attributes', 10, 1 );

    @mike, you are testing locally and your local environment works. Is that the case?

    Try in a real server as everyone else and you will see the problem. As you did in my site, in the one Guenni007 shared and in your own demo. or in any fresh clean install with nothing but enfold.


    This is not intended as a final solution, but as a bridge until there is a fix. In this case the child theme solution can then be quickly undone.


    Anything about this @mike ?


    Sorry, I have installed Enfold v4.7.3 on a new live server but still couldn’t reproduce the alt & title error for the alternative logo.
    I have asked the rest of the team to try reproducing the error and offer suggestions to correct, but I have not had any feedback yet.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    maybe ask Günter to look to it



    We have informed Günter :)



    Thank you @yigit


    Any news about this?


    4.7.4 stayes the same here


    Correct, this was not included in 4.7.4.



    Sorry for the delay. It’s not working properly because the header_replacement_logo_id is undefined. To fix the issue temporarily, please edit the functions-enfold.php file, remove everything and replace it with the following code.

    // https://pastebin.com/JDaJ3WfX

    We’ll report the issue to our channel.

    Best regards,


    thanks Ismael Is that on basis of 4.7.4 ?
    because there is f.e. the whole part
    if( ! function_exists( 'avia_wp_get_the_title' ) ){…
    And some minor/major differences
    With that : there are some difficulties with blog pages to show – but maybe it is an inconsitency with WP 5.4

    On this file i only replaced on basis of 4.7.4 the part of alternate logo and added the new:
    if ( ! function_exists( 'avia_get_attachment_id' ) ) {…

    with that it works great – thanks


    sorry this should go to another toppic what i posted here – …


    Any update on this @ismael ?

    Months go by and nothing.



    The dev team adjusted the /enfold/enfold-functions.php file for the next update to correct this, you can try the file in the Private Content area, but please keep a copy of your original for fall back.

    Best regards,


    Thank you Mike.

    Any estimate for the next release?


    Sorry, no date has been set yet.

    Best regards,


    Wow Thanks!
    here we go:
    besides the alt and title of that image in the media library
    we have now the way to change main logo alt and title via filter:

    /** for main logo these two will do the job ***********/
    function avf_change_logo_title($title) {
       $title = "The new Title is here";
       return $title;     
    add_filter('avf_logo_title', 'avf_change_logo_title');
    function avf_change_logo_alt($alt) {
       $alt = "New Alt Text Here";
       return $alt;     
    add_filter('avf_logo_alt', 'avf_change_logo_alt');

    and now we got a new filter: avf_transparency_logo_data
    Guess this must work since Enfold

    function my_custom_attributes_for_alternate_logo($header_filtered){
    	$header_filtered['header_replacement_logo_title']  = 'Alternate Logo Title';
    	$header_filtered['header_replacement_logo_alt']  = 'Alternate Logo Alt';
    	return $header_filtered;
    add_filter( 'avf_transparency_logo_data', 'my_custom_attributes_for_alternate_logo' );

    ps: please correct me if i’m wrong
    this will do the job too – its just a bit different syntax:

    add_filter('avf_transparency_logo_data', function($header_filtered){
    		$header_filtered['header_replacement_logo_title']  = 'Alternate Logo Title';
    		$header_filtered['header_replacement_logo_alt']  = 'Alternate Logo Alt';
    		return $header_filtered;
    }, 10, 2);

    don’t know if $priority and $accepted_args are needed here.



    Thanks for sharing @guenni007 :-)

    Enfold 4.7.5 is available for download now @peterolle.

    Best regards,


    by the way – don’t know why now two filter can change the alternate logo now ( f.e. for some pages to show a different transparent logo)

    function my_custom_attributes_for_alternate_logo($header_filtered){
    	$header_filtered['header_replacement_logo']  = "https://url-to-the-new-logo";
    	return $header_filtered;
    add_filter( 'avf_transparency_logo_data', 'my_custom_attributes_for_alternate_logo' );

    and this still works too:

    function replace_transparent_logo_on_some_pages($header){
        if( is_front_page( ) ){
            $header['header_replacement_logo'] = "https://url-to-the-new-logo";
        return $header; 
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