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    Is it possible to have all portfolio items of a given category displayed on a page? How it’s displayed (masonry, gallery, etc) is fine, I just need to know how to get them to show on the same page. For example…

    … just shows the header and none of the portfolio items marked with the ‘Walls’ category. However, if you go to the page ‘Our Work’…

    … you can clearly see that there are numerous photos for the ‘Walls’ category. What is happening? I would like to have direct links to each separate category and show all the items for that category.

    Thank you.


    Hi lzevon!

    If you want to show a specific category of portfolio items on a single page, you need to configure the Portfolio Grid element’s “Which categories should be used for the portfolio?”. Select a category that you want to show. You can also manipulate a single portfolio item to show a specific category on portfolio items using the Advance Layout Builder.



    Hi Ismael,

    Sorry, I should have mentioned I tried all that. I’ve also reset permalinks, disabled plugins and tried that as well. Seems to be something odd happening?

    Thank you,

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    In your WordPress admin go to Portfolio Items>Portfolio Categories. You can see how many items are in each category. For instance the Walls category only seems to have a single item in it:

    Best regards,


    Yes, I do see that there is one item in each category. I have, for example, Countertops and in that portfolio entry I’ve added 10 images of all the countertops. Are you saying I should have a separate entry for each countertop? I like the way the theme works with when you go to…

    … and then click one of the portfolio items. It shows you all the images in a gallery for that area/item. I would like to take the gallery that pops-up when you select a category and have that be what’s available when you click on featured projects from the home page.

    Now when I click on a featured item from the home page I just see the featured image and can’t click to see all the items of that given category? Can this be configured to show all the photos?


    You can configure each portfolio element to show however many categories and items you want. I was just pointing out that you only had one item in the walls category which is why if you selected it to show only that category it would only show a single item.

    So for each page you would add a portfolio element to it and then select only the category you want to show and the number of items max that should show as well.


    Yes, that was the reason I contacted support. I tried that. Here is an example…

    … you see the one portfolio/category (would love to see all the images associated with that category instead), but even if you click on the portfolio you are taken to a page with just the featured image and none of the images associated with that category.

    How can I see all the images associated with a category on a page and NOT using AJAX or whatever is being used to show them when you click on one of the categories from



    If you can create a temporary admin account I can set up an example for you. It should just be a matter of choose that category from the portfolio element and then displaying it on a page by itself. As long as there are items to show under that category they will display.


    Hi Devin,

    I can do that – just would like to point out again that there is only 1 entry per category because I have a slideshow inside that one post (in some cases as many as 20+ slides). I’m looking to have those 20+ slides appear on their own page the way they appear when you click on the portfolio category in the existing portfolio.

    If we’re both clear on that and you think it’s still something I’ve overlooked and you can demonstrate once I provide a login, I’m happy to do that. Please let me know.



    Hi Devin,
    Let me know about my previous post.




    You need to create one portfolio item for each slide if you want to them to have their own respective page.


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