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    Hi Enfolders,

    Trying to get my single product pages to have the same background and transparent boxing as the rest of the site, and have reached a brick wall!
    Can you please help? (website in private content box)

    Many thanks
    Stevo :-)


    Hi Stevo,

    We’d be glad to help you out with smaller CSS changes or edits but it sound like you’re asking for the whole page to be redesigned which out of scope for theme support unfortunately. We’d be happy to help you if you have more specific questions though.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,

    You misunderstand me :-)

    Not asking for redesign, just whether (once you’ve switched a product page to use the Avia editor) it’s an easy option to put in template elements (at least the HEADER) and have them show with the product info.

    That’s the difficulty I was having – I can add template elements, but then the product info disappears.

    So: is there an easy way to avoid this problem..?

    Stevo :-)


    Does that make sense Rikard? I basically want to know how to place an AVIA header in a single product page
    …and KEEP the original product info?

    Thank you
    Stevo :-)



    try this css code inside of your Quick CSS field:

    .template-shop {

    Best regards,


    Thanks Andy, but that didn’t change anything at all…

    I am still trying to just add AVIA elements within a single product page.
    The problem is when I switch to Avia builder, the product info disappears entirely!

    Stevo :-)



    Switching to the advance layout builder will remove all default elements or info. You have to add the content manually. Go the Plugins Additions panel of the ALB for more product elements.

    Best regards,

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