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    I’m working with Enfold and an Ajax portfolio grid. I’ve placed some video clips inside the previews for several projects, and I’ve noticed that once I’ve started playing a video it often doesn’t stop until I pause it, even if I close out the preview, or click to open another preview, replacing the view of the clip. I can’t see it, but I know it’s still playing because I can hear the audio, and navigating back to the project, I will find it playing.

    I’ve also noticed that sometimes, after either closing the preview or clicking on another project thumb, the clip does stop, but only to restart after a pause, sometimes from the start of the clip, and sometimes from where it left off. This especially becomes a mess when you’ve already moved on to watching another clip and get an overlap of audio.

    Is there a way to force all video clips to stop playing once you either close the preview area or click on another project thumb?

    All my video is currently linked to Vimeo, if that helps.

    You can test it out for yourself here:




    I didn’t realize how bad the problem was until just now. It appears to be the worst in Firefox, where it’s even restarting videos that have played through in their entirety and videos I’ve gone out of my way to pause, so I’m getting multiple videos playing at once after hitting play on a couple clips. It’s crazy. Chrome and Safari seem to at least respond to pausing.

    Any thoughts?


    Hi Omar,

    I’ll tag Kriesi on the issue as this was something that was originally an issue with some of the other themes with Ajax portfolios but it looks like it needs to be addressed here as well.





    found the issue, will be fixed with the next update ;)




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