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    I am using the portfolio option to profile some presenters for an event.

    Because the captions are different lengths some of the box are taller then others. Which doesn’t look as nice when they are all next to each other.

    Can the boxes be all made to be the same height?


    Hey Frank!

    Add this to a codeblock element in the page.

    .grid-content, .grid_content { min-height: 104px !important; }

    Best regards,


    I tried that and it didn’t make any difference.
    I inserted the code block right above the portfolio component.


    Hmm, I tried to add another comment twice just now, but they vanish – so this is just a test


    I tried to add the code to Quick CSS and that worked.

    Not sure if that affects other formatting or if this is unique to the AJAX portfolio. That would not be an issue as I will only ever use the portfolio for this purpose on this site.



    Not sure if you need any more help of if Elliotts code worked out for you?

    Best regards,


    Hey, thanks for asking.

    The short answer is yes, it worked. But not the way Elliot suggested.

    When I entered the code in a code block in the page itself it did not work, I then tried to add it to Quick CSS and that worked.

    My Question was if that will affect other components on the site or if this will only affect the AJAX portfolio. I do not intend to use the portfolio in any other way so if it only pertains to that we are golden. But if it has affects on other components I don;t want to be stuck.




    You can turn on custom CSS field for ALB elements – and give your element a custom class then change Elliott’s code to following one

    .your-custom-class .grid-content,.your-custom-class .grid_content { min-height: 104px !important; }

    to target only your selected element.

    Best regards,

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