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    This relates to the post here: https://kriesi.at/support/topic/ajax-portfolio-on-android/

    I thought that turning Ajax off would solve the problem but it has not so I need some advise on possible workarounds.

    Enfold is a modern theme and I can’t understand why on such a modern theme this issue is happening. My internet connection is not that slow but as advised in the post listed above the portfolio won’t load correctly with more than 6 items (see the screenshots) – 6 items is way too low, I have hundreds of portfolio items that I want to include across a number of pages. As advised in the previous post it seems that the problems are cause when a viewer scroll down ‘before’ the page is fully loaded. But, this is normal behaviour when browsing a website, very few people will actually wait for the page to load fully before they scroll down the page.

    A properly functioning portfolio is crucial to my website, without it the viewer cannot see the pagination and also sometimes cannot see portfolio entries because they are all bunched up together.

    Can you please get Kriesi to take a look into this.




    Hi awilson3rd!

    I’ll ask him to take a look. Please understand however that as of right now, out of 30k sales, this is the only topic I know of where the issue is happening. I guessed in the previous topic on what *might* be happening but I was unable to get the same behavior on my end.

    If it was happening with lots of users under many different circumstances we would of course have had it fixed already but I don’t see any other notes on our bug tracker about anything like this.



    Thanks Devin,

    Appreciate it.



    Just wondering if it would help if I set a color section with a height attribute the same size as the portfolio grid when fully loaded and then put the grid in it? That way the page wouldn’t need to dynamically change height as the portfolio grid is loaded?

    Can you let me know how to set the height of a color section in custom css, note sure if targeting a page would be the right thing because of pagination?





    Please add a custom ID to your color section – http://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/12/color-section-ID.png
    for example “custom-section” without quotes. Then add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab and adjust as needed

    #custom-section.avia-section { min-height: 250px; }



    Thanks Yigit,

    That does work (sort of). The only problem is that for a subsequent page in the portfolio grid (for example the last page) there might not be as many entries so there tends to be a huge white space.

    I can’t understand why ‘dynamically’ the page does’t do that well. On other websites (other themes) the page loads with a a portfolio and the portfolio grows as desired as more items come into view. But this ajax one just gets screwed up when you scroll too far or too fast.





    As far as I know this is the only instance of it not working exactly as you describe. I would suggest that you disable any active plugins, clear all local and server side cache and see if things clear up without any possible interference from an outside source.

    Best regards,


    Hello Devin,

    I have tried all that multiple times and even with no plugins active at all. I know you can’t test with every single setup but here is what I have on the page:

    Ajax portfolio
    around 12 – 24 items in the grid (3 or 4 column – tried with smaller and larger numbers)
    grid with excerpt and title
    image size of thumnail 300 by 300
    slider on the top of the page

    Personally I think you probably hit the nail on the head with the problem relating to speed, but, my internet connection is not slow, not super fast but average. It seems like the dynamic element of the page is not working that well when you scroll down before the page loads. That’s the only way I can explain it.

    I appreciate that there are no other reported issues but I have tried this from 3 systems now and they all have the same problem which again leads me to believe speed plus dynamic loading of the images in the grid are the issue. The items in the grid resize and grow according to the thumbnail size (you see the text first and then the grid column grows to show the image). Is there any way to make the grid entry just a static size (the row, column, cell or whatever you call it)




    Have you made *any* changes to the theme files at all?

    I just ran a few tests on my live dev install and even with forcing my connection to dial up speeds the images load in after the content height has been established. It really shouldn’t be possible for the content to overlap like it is on your site.


    Hello Devin,

    Thanks for the reply.

    No, no changes to the actual theme files except adding the code which allows you to debug.

    In the custom css I added this a while ago but this only applies to the ajax image – the larger image in the preview.

    However, I have also removed ‘all’ custom css a couple of times to test it and it is still the same.

    Not sure what else I can do really.




    Here is the ajax code – but, like I say, I have removed this and tested a few times and this does not cause the problem,

    #top .portolio-preview-list-image, #top .portolio-preview-list-image img{
    position: relative;


    No, the ajax loaded content is not the actual portfolio items. The content above them is what is loaded in via ajax (which is to say its loaded in dynamically when the users requests the data and not on page load).

    I’ve asked Kriesi to take a look as I’ve not been able to find what might be happening on your installation unfortunately.



    I am afraid I cant tell either why this is happening for you. Our best bet is probably to wait until it gets reported again for another user so we can start determining what your settings/servers/etc got in common but as Devin already said: right now there are no similar issues reported so I am not sure if this will happen anytime soon :/

    Best regards,

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